Saturday, 20 July 2013

What happens when we approach the speed of light?

Two major effects of travelling at the speed of light is mentioned below :

1. Time Dilation effect : When we travel close to the speed of light, Time Dilation effect occurs. As Time is treated as relative frame of reference, time seems to slow down for us. If we travel in a spaceship at a speed closer to that of light, the atomic clocks (Clocks which are used to maintain exact time on the basis of cesium-133 radiations) on the space ship tends to be slower than a normal atomic clock placed n Earth. When we return to Earth we would be younger. Most people have a common notion that Time Dilation effect can take us to the future. This however is not true because Time Dilation effect is quite small.

2. We convert our self to Energy : As we approach speed of light we start loosing our mass as the lesser the mass the more the speed and more the speed the less the mass. Since we would loose mass, we would be turning ourselves to energy. When we reach the speed of light we would be completely massless and could completely turned ourselves to energy. Einstein also showed that an object gains mass as its energy increases and losses mass as its energy decreases. This made him to conclude with the most famous equation of the century : E=mc2

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